Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation: 28 Daily Devotionals of Hope for Those Experiencing Marital Separation

by Mollie Bond

Genres: Christian Living, Marriage, Women's Interest

ISBN: 9781649601254

132 pages

Price: $10.99

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He’s gone. You’re separated and in the in-between season of marriage and divorce, where only a select few fully understand your struggles.

In this season, when you don’t know what the next best step is and loneliness can overwhelm you, sometimes it is best to simply not take any step at all. Silently reflecting and turning to God in those quiet, doubtful moments can create hope and clarity that solidifies your next step; this is especially true when you are separated from your spouse.

Unlike so many books with opinions on whether divorce or reconciliation is the answer, Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation: 28 Daily Devotionals of Hope for Those Experiencing Marital Separation instead speaks words of hope with no judgement on what you decide to do next.

In this season of separation let Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation hold your hand and remind you to pause for the Holder of Hope, Jesus Himself. The short daily devotionals encourage you to look to Jesus for hope throughout this season. You are not alone.


I was only two months old the day my father separated from my mother. Too young to recognize her tears. Too young to understand the deepening hurt as her separation turned into divorce. I wish my mom would have had Mollie’s book. I wish you didn’t need it. But if you’re in that emotional “no man’s land” that is too often separation, this is unlike any book I’ve ever read. I’ve never seen a book specifically for this painful, confusing season that is so personal. So real. So faith encouraging, yet so hard to read in places because of its honesty. But important to read. Not all at once. But day after tough day. Twenty-eight days of hope, reality, and encouragement. Full of hard-earned wisdom. Like Mollie says, “You’re not alone.” May the Lord reveal for you a path to health, healing, and life over the next four weeks and beyond.
John Trent, Ph.D.
President, StrongFamilies.com
Author of LifeMapping and co-author of The Blessing

God has a purpose for us. Our trials and troubles result in suffering which the apostle Paul in Romans 5:3-4 says causes us to “grow in perseverance.” In Mollie’s devotional, Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation, she reveals stories about how faith can be strengthened through the trial of a relationship gone south. Leveraging her God-given gifts, she shows how you can conquer that failure. Mollie is now using her personal testimony as an inspiration to others. Her writing inspired me as I went through a divorce twenty-five years ago, so I understand her pain. This devotional will continue to be a place for me to go to for encouragement.
Diane Paddison
Founder and Executive Director of 4word, www.4wordwomen.org
Author of Work, Love, Pray and Be Refreshed…a year of devotions for women in the workplace and Former Global Executive Team of two Fortune 500 and one Fortune 1000 companies

Separation is a state of limbo in which you are vacillating between hopeful and hopeless. All kinds of feelings, questions, and confusion arise. These devotionals from true-life stories reveal that you are not alone and that can provide you a community of hope—hope that is found in the Lord.
Paula Silva
President, Cofounder
FOCUS Ministries, Inc. | www.focusministries1.org

As a divorced woman, I wish that I had something like Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation. To know my thoughts, fears, and pain are real and experienced by others as well. To feel like I could walk with someone on this journey and to know that I am not alone. That’s what this book does for its readers. The stories are inspiring, and Mollie brings the Word of God to life and makes it practical to our current life experiences. Thank you, Mollie, for walking with your readers no matter the outcome.
Christine Soule
Founder and CEO of Providence Heights
Author of Broken and Beautiful

Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation is like a breath of fresh air during a trial that anyone may be going through. It provides a “turning point” solution to life’s challenges. Anyone who is going through a dark valley and difficult circumstance can find sweet intimacy with Jesus and a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I believe as you read and reflect on the devotions, you will find yourself encouraged, empowered, and filled with hope despite the giants you are facing. This book contains gentle and truthful guidance as well as hope in any situation.
Isik Abla
Founder and President of Isik Abla Ministries
TV & Social Media Evangelist
Author and Pastor of Dream Church

This is the book I wish I’d had during the hardest season of my life. Dr. Mollie Bond provides a powerful combination of hope and practical steps that will both inspire and encourage you. Mollie has walked through the painful and personal journey of healing, and she has come out whole, healed, and restored. Her vulnerability, faith, and gentle guidance will help you do the same. I can’t think of a better resource to help encourage you during the hard days ahead. Hope and healing are possible, and I pray you experience both, and God’s redemptive love, in each page as you spend the next twenty-eight days on a powerful and transformational journey with Mollie. I can’t think of a better guide to help you along the way.
Kari Trent Stageberg
CEO of StrongFamilies.com
Co-Author of The Blessing

Living in day-to-day separation from a spouse can be one of the most painful journeys in life. As one tear-filled day blurs into another, the future may appear bleak and any entertainment of a brighter tomorrow seems cruelly unrealistic. However, the book you have in your hands is full of wisdom and inspiration and has been walked out by Dr. Bond personally. She is the kind of nonjudgmental, experienced sojourner you need, offering Scripture and responsive prayer as lights to help guide the reader forward as only a friend who has “been there” can do.
Jennifer Hayden Epperson, EdD
Author of The Pioneer’s Way

This is a book that I wish I had years ago when I was in a season of separation. Mollie’s authenticity invites us to meet with and know a God Who sees, hears, and is very present in dark and confusing times. Dear one, you are not alone.
Sarah Kardelen
Advocate, Therapist, and Founder of Tapestry Therapy

The world says discouragement should separate us from God—cause us to question His love for us or even deny His existence. Christ says the opposite: grief, pain, and sorrow are paths back to the heart of our triune God. Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation does a masterful job of reminding us of that truth. Mollie Bond’s memorable prose strikes enduring notes of empathy and encouragement—a much-needed balm for all readers.
Kristina Cowan
Author of When Postpartum Packs a Punch: Fighting Back and Finding Joy


Dr. Mollie Bond is an author, speaker, and coach. She has written for various blogs, including 4wordwomen.org, Grant Professionals Association, ChristianDevotions.us, and others. She also appears from time to time on radio and television. Mollie works in the nonprofit sector and as a speaker and coach for professional women in the nonprofit sector (visit NonprofitsonaMission.com for more information). Mollie serves on the board of Providence Heights, a second-phase step for women on the brink of becoming homeless. She has a degree from the School of Journalism at the University of Montana (2005). She holds an MBA from Kansas Wesleyan University (2011). She also earned an Ed.D. (doctorate of education) in nonprofit/social entrepreneurial leadership (2017) from Governors State University.