I Believe and You can too

by Kieran Banks

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649601995

94 pages


This book is for those who have wondered what it is that attracts Christians to their ‘gospel.’ It begins with an account of the author’s unexpected brush with an enthusiastic Christian, as a young adult; it then goes on to explore the spiritual impact of that event. Taking the reader with him, the author embarks on a journey that tries to question fairly: the reasonableness of faith in a scientific age; the credibility of Christian sources; the transformative experience at the heart of the Christian message, and how to engage with it; and finally, the future hope that forms such a vital part of the message of Jesus Christ for the world.


The author lives with his wife Sheena in Livingston, Scotland. They have four grown-up married children and two grandchildren. Kieran has served in the Royal Navy and worked in light engineering and education. He now serves as pastor of Dedridge Baptist Church, Livingston.