Johanna’s Journey: In the Shadow of the Mountain

by Cindy Murray Hamblen

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fiction, Middle Grade

ISBN: 9781620205457

144 pages

Price: $12.99

Strange oil, a secret box, mean girls, and an ugly toad occupy the minds and adventures of best friends Johanna and Kenyeh when they joyfully reunite at Mt. Sinai where Johanna’s Hebrew people are living.

Together the best friends face mean girls, a bully, and a scary old man while also learning from Moses the way the Hebrews (or Israelites) are to live and worship now that they are freed from slavery.

Kenyeh grows in faith in the God of Israel as Grandfather teaches her about Him, while Johanna’s faith grows stronger as she sees His power. Both girls look forward to packing up and moving into the land the LORD has given to the Hebrews. Together they dream of good things to come. But first, there is much to learn in the shadow of the great mountain.

Johanna’s Journey: In the Shadow of the Mountain is book two in the Johanna’s Journey series.


Some of Cindy Murray Hamblen’s fondest memories involve experiences with her best friends during the tween years. She desires to connect 8-12 year old girls with the Scriptures and to apply it to their own personal life journeys. Her first book in this series was a finalist for the 2015 Selah Award. Cindy has a degree in Family and Consumer Science and has been married for 39 years. She and Steve were blessed with two sons—one who loves cars and building custom homes, and the other who loves traveling and flying for the US Navy. She recently welcomed two beloved daughters-in-law to the family and couldn’t be happier!