Josiah Whitby

by Eli Alexander

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781935507710

160 pages

Price: $11.99

What would you do if you knew an injustice was occurring right before your eyes but you would have to break the law, lose the love of your life, alienate all of your friends, and risk death to remedy the situation?  That is the predicament Josiah Whitby finds himself in in the mid 1800’s in Charleston, SC.  Being a newly trained pastor, he realizes that his religion should not and would not condone the treatment of slaves in his beloved South.  He loves the people, the traditions and culture of the South, but the ever-present practice of slavery leaves him conflicted.  He knows he must take action, but how?  Join Josiah in taking a look at your own beliefs and morals.  What would you do?


Eli Alexander is a South Carolina native. He was born in Columbia and now resides in the Greenville, SC. He was fortunate enough to spend several weeks every year in the Charleston area including Seabrook Island and Wadmalaw Island. This coupled with movies such as “North & South” created a love for the low country of his home state. Writing is a hobby for him, but still a passion. He loves to incorporate historical facts into his fiction as well as highlight the beauty and serenity of the South. He also likes to weave moral and spiritual dilemmas within the story. These encourage the readers to put themselves in the character’s predicament and examine his or her own beliefs and decisions. Josiah Whitby is the first of a series “The Whitby’s of Charleston” which will examine this beloved city and its people over several decade