Julie’s Story: A Life Now Free Indeed

by Candace Malcomson

Genres: Biography, Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 978193507758

122 pages

Price: $13.99

A little more than a generation after the 1940 revival in Wales, when the effects of the revival fire disappeared and church attendance dwindled, a baby girl was born in South Wales. The little girl, who was to contend with death countless times, grew up in a home of abuse and went on to a life of crime, promiscuity, drug abuse and violence. This is the story of a life of uncontrolled excess. The early years will resound with so many throughout this world, but sadly, the latter end is rare, for this is the story of a life set free by the power of the risen Christ; set free from the horror and pain of the past and brought in to eternal life – a life now free indeed.



South African born Candace Malcomson immigrated to Ireland in 2000 to take up a senior position in music education and to further her career as concert artist. Having followed and loved Jesus Christ from a very early age, Candace always felt that the Lord would lead her in to full-time ministry. In 2006, when she married preacher and author Keith Malcomson, Candace resigned her career and turned down the many opportunities for professional pursuit in favour of being at Keith's side to be his helpmeet and to assist him in the running of the missionary work of the School of Christ International. They minister across many denominations and travel widely and consistently throughout Europe as God leads and opens doors.