Literal Lily

by Kate Hanscom, Lynda Hanscom

Genres: Children & Young Adult

ISBN: 9781620201183

28 pages

Price: $14.99

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Rise and shine! Shop ‘til you drop!  Eat you right up! Ahhhh!!!!   As Lily and Mommy embark on a shopping trip to get supplies for her first EVER day of school, this adorable, curly-haired girl is easily confused when she takes commonly-used sayings exactly as they are spoken.  Through the book’s humorous situations and beautifully illustrated scenes, both Lily and the readers will not only learn the meaning of literal and some of today’s idioms but will also find themselves laughing along the way!   Literal Lily will inspire kids to ask questions, demonstrate different and descriptive verbiage, and most importantly, entertain!


About the Author
Kate Hanscom grew up as the youngest of three children in Utica, New York. Her writing is inspired by the vivid and whimsical imagination that she has had since childhood, though the antics and stories of her youth have provided no lack of story material.
Currently, Kate lives in central Massachusetts with her husband Chris and daughter Allison. A graduate of Stonehill College, she lives her life with a song in the background, a pen in her hand, and the belief that with hard work and a plan, anything is achievable. In putting pen to paper, Kate is delighted to see the characters of her imagination come to life. She hopes that when readers meet Lily, they are encouraged to laugh, ask questions, expand their minds, and dream bigger than they ever knew possible!

About the Illustrator
Lynda Hanscom is originally from Long Island, New York. She holds a BFA from St. John’s University and an MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design. As an art teacher she guided hundreds of budding student artists from Kindergarten through High School to be creative through drawing, painting and sculpting.
Also the illustrator of Tough Tommy, a children’s bereavement book, she now lives in Northern Connecticut with her very supportive husband, Doug. Lynda’s inspiration and joy comes from her daughter, Cara; son, Chris and his wife, Kate; and her sweet little granddaughter, Allison.