A Little Irish Love Story

by Amy Fleming

Genres: Biblical Fiction, Fiction, History

ISBN: 9781620202463

447 pages

Price: $14.99

Set in post World War II Ireland, this retelling of the Biblical story of Ruth is an incredible love story . . . with a twist.

Elderly Sarah returns to her hometown of Adare, Ireland, with her daughter-in-law, Anna. The suffering that World War II brought them was unimaginable, but they still have each other. With all their loved ones killed in the war, the two women have nothing but a hope that one distant relative will help them. Will this new beginning bring the healing that both of them have prayed for?

With heart-pounding suspense, romance, and mystery tied up in one, A Little Irish Love Story contains unforgettable, human characters that bring humor and sweetness to the sweeping Irish backdrop.

Follow along as incredible moments of passionate faith are gleaned from the pages and a heroic young woman finds the truth about her life—that she is loved beyond what she could have ever imagined.


Amy Fleming lives in a small town outside of Charleston, South Carolina where she teaches and volunteers in her community. Her deep love for family and faith is where she draws her inspiration for her writing. A storyteller by nature, she finds new ways to illuminate the application of God’s Word in the daily lives of those around her.