Living the Beatitudes Today Study Guide

by Guy Robert Peel Steward

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649600387

150 pages

Price: $15.99

Living the Beatitudes Today Study Guide is supplementary to the book Living the Beatitudes Today. It is a companion guide with complementary notes, insights, and questions.
This whole study guide is to consolidate, revise, and further explore the Beatitudes. The notes are crucial to a more complete understanding of the text. Each beatitude is given one or more key supporting Scriptures for memorisation, supplementary notes on the specific meaning and application of that beatitude, and study questions to help the student to personalise the information, enlarge their understanding, and think further on how to apply it in their daily life.
Living the Beatitudes Today Study Guide could be used for private or small group study, yet is comprehensive enough for Bible college/seminary classes and tutorials. The Appendix on Law is particularly for those students who would like a better grasp of this rather more complex subject.


Guy Steward was educated at King’s School, King’s College, and Selwyn College in Auckland, NZ. During much of his twenties, he ran a small business. He holds a BA with a music major, and a BTh from New Covenant International Theological Seminary through its associate, NCI Bible college in New Zealand, and he also has a teaching diploma from the Auckland College of Education. Guy has taught both Music and English at New Zealand high schools. He is currently teaching English and Art History at a foundation course preparing students for university. He lives in Auckland with his wife and son. Amongst other church ministries, Guy has been involved in men’s ministry, and, with his wife, as a cell group leader.