Loves Like A Hurricane: When God Whispers in the Dark

by Gene Krcelic

Genres: Biography, Christian Living, Inspirational, Mission

ISBN: 9781935507604

288 pages

Price: $13.99

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OK, big deal, you’re a Christian.  God is in your heart…now what?

Pause.  Look at our world as if you never lived. Truly look and see if you individually have made this world a better place, if you made a difference with your transformed heart. Can you see your footprint when you look down from Heaven? Look close…real close…can you see it?

Loves Like a Hurricane is the intricate true life story of a Catholic turned agnostic turned Christian through a wild web of odd encounters while running from a hurricane-like God.  The journey carries you down many paths while God unknowingly whispers and shapes a young heart until he kicks the door wide open with a disaster of biblical proportion, changing everything.

It’s an authentic story everyone, at some point during the adventure, can say “Hey, I feel that same way,” or  “Wow, is that really what Jesus would do…is that what I should do?”  It’s a hard hitting, feet to the fire tapestry that will make you laugh, cry and force you to think about how you will respond when God whispers your name.  It reveals how God’s loving grace turns apathy into compassion into action.

Yes, BIG DEAL, you’re a Christian…now do something about it!  A must read for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey.


Gene Krcelic is the president of the Premier Foundation, a global Christian charity committed to fulfilling the mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and dedicated to granting money to worthwhile Christian ministries around the world. Before joining Premier, Gene served as Founder and CEO of OMG SportsEntertainmentMusic, a multi-faceted music, sports, sponsorship, and event management firm with offices in South Carolina, North Carolina and California. Gene has volunteered his time and resources extensively in disaster relief as well as global Christian ministry. He earned dual degrees from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Gene lives with his wife, Mary, in Powdersville, South Carolina and is blessed with two beautiful daughters.