Miracle Boat

by Dean Allan Johnson

Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Grief

ISBN: 9781649602145

276 pages

Price: $17.99

Dalton Russell is a man broken-hearted by loss due to suicide. He grapples with his own inner demons and feelings of abandonment. After his best friend also commits suicide, he inherits a boat, but not just any boat. Dalton soon discovers the boat left by his friend has an incredible secret.

Soon, the entire Russel family is swept up in a wave of what can only be described as miracles, but as their experiences grow, the family realizes they cannot keep their secret to themselves.

Something about their boat isn’t normal, isn’t ordinary, but might just be a miracle.

Inspired by what they’ve seen and Who they’ve talked to, the Russell family begins new projects and a mission to share what they’ve learned.


Dean Allan Johnson lives with his family of five in Huntsville, Alabama. As a graduate of Mississippi State and Beeson Divinity School at Samford University, he has served in various roles of ministry and business. As a writer, speaker, and photographer, he enjoys sharing his life experiences walking with God to help others make the most of their time on Earth. He enjoys fishing the lakes of North Alabama and studying aerospace history.