Mission of a Lifetime

by Priscilla J. Krahn

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fiction

ISBN: 9781620205846

240 pages

Price: $15.99

A missing airplane . . . Hostile tribes . . . Mysterious kidnappings . . .
Responsibility falls upon twenty-one-year-old William Rodriguez when his missionary parents disappear in the hostile jungles of Colombia. Willie knows that he has to go find them, but what will it cost him? When his dreams and his very life are on the line, Willie doesn’t know whom to trust. Will he be able to overcome his past mistakes and the present failure that seems set on destroying his mission?
When Willie finds himself in the midst of a drug smuggling ring, difficult decisions are thrust upon him. Can he escape his captors before his family is killed? Can he find forgiveness in his heart for the very people who ruined his life or will it only bring back more painful memories? Will he be able to survive the mission of a lifetime?


Priscilla J. Krahn is the youngest of seven and lives on a farm in northern Minnesota with her parents and two unmarried siblings. Her hobbies include evangelism, playing the piano and writing. Her goal is to write books that not only entertain, but that also share the gospel and Biblical truths to help Christians grow in Christ.