Music in the Air

Music in the Air: The Golden Age of Gospel Radio

by Mark Ward Sr.

Genres: Biography

ISBN: 9781932307177

384 pages

Price: $14.99

The old gospel song invited listeners to turn their radios on and hear the . . . music in the air.

Now return to the eventful days when Americans could “turn the lights down low and listen to the Master’s radio” through this colorful and inspiring history of Christian music and ministry during the golden age of gospel radio. Learn the stories behind such legendary groups as Blackwood Brothers, Statesmen, Gaithers, Back to the Bible Quartet, Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet, Haven of Rest Quartet, and Stamps Quartet.

Follow the careers of the great songwriters of the radio days, men such as Albert Brumley, Merrill Dunlop, John W. Peterson, and Stuart Hamblen.

Read about the evangelists who pioneered Christian broadcasting, such as Billy Graham, Charles Fuller, Jack Wyrtzen, Percy Crawford, Paul Myers, Torrey Johnson, Walter Maier, Theodore App, and Paul Vader.

And learn the stores behind the greatest gospel songs of the country, from “Some Golden Daybreak” to “Beyond the Sunset,” plus more than 100 others!


Mark Ward, Sr., is the author of seven books, has been a speaker for four syndicated radio features, served with National Religious Broadcasters, taught broadcasting at a Christian university, and has been a frequent speaker at Christian writers’ conferences. Today Mark spends his time singing with a traveling quartet and writing full-time as president of a communications company.