My Freedom and Me

My Freedom And Me: The Inspirational True Story of One Woman’s Amazing Adventure . . . Told by the Woman Who Experienced it.

by Abigayle

Genres: Biography

ISBN: 9781935507109

392 pages

Price: $19.99


Get ready for the ride of your life!
When you feel overcome by the pressures of everyday life, have you ever wondered what it would be like to just get in your car and drive away – with no plans, no destination, no telephone and no one waiting or searching for you? For most of us, wondering is all we can do . . . but not for Abigayle; not after what she had seen and heard.
Why? Because a major flood on the West Coast in the winter of 1996/97 cost Abigayle her home, her business and all of her earthly possessions. But a few days after the flood, she experienced something so unexpected and so powerful – that instead of mourning the end of her life as she knew it, she rejoiced in the knowledge that this was actually the beginning of her destiny –which is where this story begins. Abigayle heard a “voice” calling her into service . . . and then witnessed a “miracle” that changed her life forever.
THIS BOOK IS YOUR INVITATION TO JOIN THE ADVENTURE as Abigayle, no one special; just a 47 year old grandmother, inspirational poet and songwriter, travels the back roads of America alone, driving a 21 year old motor home with less than $100 in her pocket – and a heart filled with joy and wonder! Destination: unknown. Purpose: to make a difference.
So . . . was it really a “visitation”? Or was it merely “imagination”? That’s for YOU to decide . . . but I warn you – this is a story that could change YOUR life forever, too.



Abigayle was born in the town of Tillamook on the Oregon Coast in 1951 and graduated from Oregon City High School in 1969. She has always been an inspirational poet and songwriter . . . always a “cheerleader” for the underdog . . . and always undaunted by challenges, no matter how intimidating or unusual.
She is a wilderness woman, nature lover, animal trainer, athlete, and yes - even a bit of a recluse . . . yet her gift for inspiring and encouraging people has kept her in the center of the action for most of her life, using her gift of communication to share the love of Jesus!
Abigayle was an Army child, then an Army wife, then a tour-traveling athlete . . . which took her to almost every state in this Great Nation, as well as to several foreign countries, even before she began this most recent 7 year journey. But as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said, “There’s no place like home,” and for Abigayle, even though she lives in Branson, Missouri, now, (a lovely place) . . . home will always be the Oregon Coast.