Northern Roads: A Journey of Life and Leadership Serving on the 60th Parallel

by Jeremy Norton

Genres: Christian Living, Leadership

ISBN: 9781649601285

158 pages

Price: $16.99

When Canadian Jeremy Norton applied for a position in Alaska, the birthplace of his wife, he never envisioned that God would actually call him to the Northern Roads. But God had a plan that was greater than anything Jeremy could have imagined.
Journey down the Northern Roads with Jeremy as he reflects back on his early days as a pastor when he still had a lot to learn about loving people and be challenged to grow in your own walk with Christ.
The small-town, isolated Alaskan territory is the perfect place for one to stretch himself and to learn to love your neighbor in the local coffee shop. So, grab your own cup of coffee and take a trip down memory lane with Jeremy Norton on the Northern Roads.


I have not taken the most direct career path to get me where I am today. Both in education and experience, I have moved in and out of the business, and ministry worlds. I don’t believe this happened by mistake. God has clearly meshed these two career paths to provide me with some valuable insight into reaching others. Currently, my role as Lead Pastor provides numerous opportunities for preaching, teaching, networking, and leading in a variety of capacities.
Connecting with other people energizes me; be it face-to-face, or online, through social media. I’m a podcast, and audio book junky, based more in non-fiction genres with leadership content or How To themes. I like anything made by Apple and find myself dabbling in photo and video editing from time to time.
When the tech side of my brain needs a break, I’m an average guitar player and vocalist, and have always been involved in music and church worship teams. I thoroughly enjoy worship music, although my iTunes playlists carry a wide variety of genres.
Spending time in God’s creation also refreshes me, so I try to engage in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits, depending on the season. And no matter what I’m doing, coffee is a staple. From high-priced espresso to gas-station joe, I’ve tried it all and I’m just happy to get a cup.
Lastly and most importantly, I cherish my time with my wife Nicole, and our three boys Jude, Luke, and Mark. Some days, nothing’s better than a family movie night, with all four of us snuggled into one bed with a big bowl of popcorn. Although I don’t always get it right, I try to remind myself daily that biblical leadership begins at home!