Nuggets of Truth: A Bible Student’s Devotional and A Bible Teacher’s Resource Handbook

by Dr. John Mannion

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals

ISBN: 9781620209325

516 pages

Price: $24.99

Inspirational writing meets Bible commentary

Nuggets of Truth stands as a different kind of devotional. It is, perhaps, more in keeping with Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost for His Highest in that it is meant to teach more than it is meant to simply inspire. Not that each nugget of truth does not inspire. On the contrary, it stands as a very inspirational book even as the Scriptures themselves never fail to inspire. Indeed, the content of each individual devotional is full of Scripture.

Each nugget of truth is designed to provide the reader with a short Bible study. Hence, the reader is more of a student than simply a reader. The considerable content of each day’s study digs deep enough with a pointed focus that the student effectively goes through a mini Bible college program once having gone through the entire year.

The sub-title of Nuggets of Truth: A Bible Student’s Devotional and A Bible Teacher’s Resource Handbook, reveals the two-fold purpose and use of this book. It is meant to be a devotional for Bible students and for Bible teachers. In keeping with this second purpose, the devotional is exhaustively indexed. With its indexes, Nuggets of Truth can be used by Bible teachers as a resource for their teaching ministries.

Eighty pages of downloadable indices provided with purchase! Available HERE.


Dr. John Mannion has spent most of his life teaching the Bible. He has taught at all levels academically including middle school, high school, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. He has served on numerous college faculties including Oral Roberts University, Geneva College, Tidewater Bible College, and Bethel College. As an international Bible teacher, John has ministered on five continents in over twenty countries. He is the author of MOTMOT (a 2000 page series of teaching curriculum designed to equip Bible teachers, consisting of 49 courses, covering six major areas of study, totaling 700 hours of teaching material, available in 10 languages, and used domestically and internationally). His ministry has also included the founding of multiple Bible institutes as well as a missions organization, the planting of churches, and a variety of pastoral roles in the local church. He holds the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree from Reformed Theological Seminary.
John’s greatest blessing is his wife Audrey and their six children and their families. His most loved hobby is anything to do with the “beautiful game,” the game of soccer. John played Division I soccer at the University of Delaware in the early 1980s. He still plays, although at a much slower pace, in his over fifty-five league in Media, Pennsylvania, where he also coaches at a variety of levels, most notably being awarded multiple times with the Coach of the Year award for his work with his Varsity High School team. John loves to have fun and, as one of his grandchildren says, joke around. This, perhaps, still goes back to his days as an improvisational comedian in the network television comedy troupe, the L.A. Connection!