On Borrowed Time: Stories of Unlikely Survivors and the Grace that Conquers All

by Tricia Kline

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620205648

208 pages

Price: $14.99

What would you do if you were given days, months, or years you never thought you would have? If you were miraculously rescued from a near-death experience, would you live differently? In On Borrowed Time, meet eight individuals whose lives were mere moments away from being snuffed out through addictions, crime, torture, depression, war, crashes, and illness. The miracles that gave these individuals more time and a new perspective are one-of-a-kind, and readers will be encouraged by their advice on how to live with urgency and purpose.

Alongside these modern-day stories, journey also into the life of Judah’s historical king, Hezekiah. He cries out on his deathbed for more time, but will an extended life make or break him? Will he learn the secret of what will save his nation from destruction?

Inspiring devotionals provide opportunities for personal reflection on what God’s Word says about our time here on earth and how we should be living if we are to make the most of every moment and find fulfillment in a temporary and troubled world.


Tricia Kline is an award-winning journalist with more than ten years of experience in print and online media. She is the author of the biography The Baby Will Be All Right and fictional works Against All Odds and Never Forsaken. Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree in Christian education and resides in central Pennsylvania with her husband Justin, a German Shepherd mix named Max, and a rabbit named Roxie.