Ordinarily Sarah

by Sarah Elizabeth Rose

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620205655

208 pages

Price: $14.99

Strange incantations, death threats, curses, a towering dragon, a hidden garden located in a sea of burnt ashes, soul-grabbing owls with talons razor sharp, a secret world of dark-winged creatures tearing at the sky, and a screeching Prince ordering the dark-winged creatures to kill and destroy . . .

This is the strange new world that ordinary Sarah, wife and mother, homemaker, school teacher, and part time children’s pastor, finds herself in on a cold winter day after her young adult daughter called to say that she could no longer be a part of Sarah’s life—ever.     How will Sarah exist in her new world?  How will she battle the dark-winged creatures and the soul-grabbing owls with talons, razor sharp?  How will Sarah rescue her daughter?  How will Sarah find the hidden garden, the only place where she can find a measure of comfort and peace?  And how will Sarah find God in her new world of burnt ashes—where everything she has known and loved has disappeared?


Over the years of living out her peculiar story of battling dark forces, Sarah discovered that she had been placed on an Enemy List created by a “church that wasn’t really a church.” She also discovered that for most of those years, she had the “honor” of being Enemy #1!
What did it mean to be Enemy #1? It meant that the leadership of the “church that wasn’t really a church” let all of its members know that Enemy #1 was evil, and needed to be avoided at all costs. It meant that the Enemy’s family was also evil. It meant that the Enemy’s daughter, a member of the “church that wasn’t really a church,” was constantly looked upon as coming from bad seed, and that her six children, in turn, also came from bad seed. It meant that the Enemy’s daughter and six children endured regular punishments during “worship services” inside the “church that wasn’t really a church,” for the evil thoughts and the evil spirits that they carried inside their bodies.
Being Enemy #1 also meant that Sarah was cursed daily during “worship.” It meant that Sarah became the subject of daily “Death Prayers” during “worship.” It meant that the leadership of the “church that wasn’t really a church” wanted Sarah dead. Alas, because of the dangerous situation Sarah found herself in over the years, she decided to use a pen name, (Sarah Elizabeth Rose), to keep her identity at least somewhat hidden from those who wanted to harm her. She also created an email address for Sarah Elizabeth Rose, enabling readers to contact her.