Out of the Maze: A Covenantal View of Hope by Dr. Jim Halla

Out of the Maze: A Covenantal View of Hope

by Dr. Jim Halla

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649601155

144 pages

Price: $17.99

Everybody has hope in some form; but everybody needs true hope. Hope is universal and necessary for living well. Too often, people, including believers, function as if circumstances, feelings, and others control them.

For the believer, biblical truth steps in and clarifies and simplifies living faithfully and hopefully. The Bible defines and offers true hope which never fails or disappoints. It is to the Bible that we must go. When we do we find God’s truth exploding across the pages of Scripture. Scripture defines true hope and contrasts and compares it to false hope. The believer will embrace these truths as a matter of life and death!

Out of the Maze: A Covenantal View of Hope is designed to help you differentiate true and false hope, thus enabling you to live as a victor now and eternally.


A native of Houston, Texas, now residing in Spartanburg, SC. Dr. Halla retired from the full-time practice of rheumatology after four decades. Besides ministering in the office, he authored or co-authored several scientific articles that addressed various clinical issues that every rheumatologist faces in the practice of medicine. He now spends his time developing the concept of the practice of biblical-based medicine and counseling. The practice of medicine is under increasing duress from many sides, both within and outside the Church. Both physician and patient must be aware that man is body and soul and as such is a whole person. The two are linked and must not be separated. To that end he has authored several books and articles including Pain: The Plight of Fallen Man; True Competence in Medicine: Practicing Biblical Based-Medicine in a Fallen World; Being Christian in Your Medical Practice; A Biblical Approach to Receiving Medical Care; How to be a God-Pleasing Patient; Endurance: What it is and How it Looks in the Believer’s Life; Joy in Grief: God’s Answer for Hard Times; Depression Through a Biblical Lens: A Whole-Person Approach; God’s Wisdom and Comfort for Troubled Times; Biblical Counseling: What and How,“What to Do When Your Body Fails You”; Rheumatism; and “When Your Body Betrays You.”