Patch Town: A Letter from Miss Wingate

by Robert Parlante

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620202906

140 pages

Price: $12.99

Widower for three years. Frequent periods of unemployment throughout his life. Unresolved anger. A fragmented family that cannot deal with a father spiraling downward.

Martin receives a letter from his old 8th grade teacher asking him to forgive her for a painful childhood incident. He is overwhelmed once again by his hatred for Miss Wingate, blaming her for much of what went wrong in his life. His son and daughter eventually help him take reluctant steps to forgive the teacher he wished was long dead. He meets recently divorced Linda who brings a flow of freshness into his life. She encourages Martin to visit the teacher, now dying from dementia in a nursing home. Along his journey to a coal mining community to meet the teacher, strangers enter his life compelling him to confront his past and unsure future—helping him move from failure to forgiveness and spiritual redemption.

Patch Town: A Letter from Miss Wingate is book one in the Patch Town series.

Endorsements for Patch Town: A Letter from Miss Wingate

“This story will take you on a great journey! Can a negative moment in the past ever be turned around to bring a positive future? Can years of heartbreak ever end? You will be able to focus on the power of one choice that will change the course of life forever.” —Mark Muirhead, Founder of #FriendsForeverTV

“An amazing story of redemption that turns failure into forgiveness . . . Get ready to see what happens when we allow our STORY to become ENCAPSULATED into God’s BIG STORY . . . Bob’s amazing spiritual journey of how anger and resentment can lead to failure, thus interrupting our growth and faith will MESS you up. Get ready to be challenged…If you’ve struggled with anger or any unresolved forgiveness, this book is definitely a MUST read.” —Manny Ohonme, Founder, President & CEO of Samaritan’s Feet International

“Having had years of experience nurturing and helping people through the major issues of life, Robert Parlante is able to write a story that resonates with the reality of many people’s lives. His story will take the reader on a familiar journey through anger and pain, forgiveness and redemption, and ultimately one of faith. It’s a story that will bring encouragement, hope, and even healing to each of its readers.” —Timothy Harris, Lead Pastor at Promise International Fellowship


Bob is a freelance writer, having crafted his first short story at the age of 13. Bob has both BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey. He also has a MBA in Organizational Behavior from Iona College. He met his ministerial requirements through Berean Bible Institute and Alliance Theological Seminary. He was credentialed with the Assemblies of God since 1996 and ordained in 2001. He served as an associate pastor with Englewood Assembly of God church for over 10 years in Englewood, New Jersey. He is married to Angela, and they have three children and nine grandkids!