Power to Serve

Power to Serve: Living a Joyful Spirit-Filled Life

by Carson Fremont, Walter Fremont

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781935507000

136 pages

Price: $10.99

Average Christians know very little about the Holy Spirit and the way He works in the believer’s life. As a consequence, they miss the comfort, control, power, and victory of a Spirit-led walk with the Lord. Veteran authors, teachers, preachers, seminar leaders, and camp workers Walter and Carson Fremont share their knowledge and experience of Spirit-led living. Helping believers to take Spirit-filled service out of the realm of distant concepts and vague generalities, Power to Serve seeks to bring victorious living within the reach of every Christian. Rich in personal testimony and practical insight, Power to Serve begins with the Spirit’s work in salvation and examines His gifts and His role in continued Christian growth.


Walter Fremont received his doctorate degree from Penn State University. He was dean of education at Bob Jones University for 37 years. He became dean emeritus when his speech was affected by ALS. His ministry included deanship, teaching, and counseling. He held retreats and seminars and spoke at camps in the states and foreign countries. He authored and co-authored a number of books and articles. Carson Fremont received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wheaton College and his doctor of divinity degree from Northland Baptist Bible College. He served as a missionary in the Philippines for over 10 years, followed by almost 30 years of service in Hong Kong. He has taught in the University of Shanghai, China and is currently teaching, preaching, and counseling in the states and the Far East. He has authored several books. He is on the board of the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism.