Practical Disciplines of a Christian Life

by Sharon Bahrych

Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620205686

208 pages

Price: $14.99

Practical Disciplines of a Christian Life is for women who are looking for helpful information on how to apply the various Christian disciplines into their lives. This book will also give readers encouragement through their reading about other historical figures (through short biographical sketches) who have struggled with the same issues as the reader. Each chapter ends with applications readers can use to begin growing in the individual disciplines each chapter covers.

Practical Disciplines of a Christian Life ends with a chapter which encourages readers to continue growing and moving forward in their Christian life, reminding them that it is not a one-time deal, but that they are to grow each and every day. They are to look for ways that God has moved them forward in their Christian growth by being able to look back and see where they have come from.

Overall, Practical Disciplines of a Christian Life is to be an encouragement to all women who read it that they, too, can move forward in their Christian growth and they don’t have to feel stuck in place. Some Christian disciplines are a ‘trial and error’ before acquiring the knack of doing it right.


Sharon, a physician assistant, has been a Christian believer for 40+ years. She hopes to connect with her readers by sharing stories of mutual struggles (personal relationships, emotional issues, financial issues) as she has tried to find God’s answer for the problem at hand. She is inspired by Christian biographies and historical figures, and wishes to share encouragement and wisdom with others.