Praying with David: Honest Prayers for Hard Seasons

by Dr. Mark Becton


ISBN: 9781649603784

132 pages

Price: $16.99

David was the “man after God’s own heart,” yet his life was characterized by hardship. During his lifetime, he was fired, became homeless, grieved the loss of three children, built a nation, lost almost everything after his affair with Bathsheba, and then saw a work that was dear to him given to another. Rejected, dejected, and worn down, David took out his pen and wrote half of the Psalms as prayers to the Lord. As he did, he experienced an awe of God that he has left for us to meditate on when we struggle through our own heartache.
Praying with David: Honest Prayers for Hard Seasons will encourage you to keep crying out to God in the hard seasons. You will experience strength, hope, guidance, comfort, and peace—just as David did.


Mark Becton has served as a pastor for forty years in Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia. Fifteen of those years have been spent coaching pastors and church planters. A warm and gifted communicator, Becton’s sermons were heard live for years in Richmond, Virginia, on NBC and her central Virginia affiliates. Now teaching at Grimke Seminary, Mark is giving a new generation the benefits of his experience. As a writer, he’s contributed to books published by Thomas Nelson and authored other books, the latest being Prayer Works When You Work at Prayer: Following Jesus’ Example in Prayer. Mark lives with his wife Loree, and they are enjoying this new season of being grandparents.