by Daniel Burkhart

Genres: Inspirational, Memoir

ISBN: 9781620206782

154 pages

Price: $17.99

“This is the story of my life. My life was filled with moments full of bad decisions, terrible situations, and living many years away from God’s will. I wanted to share my life with you so that you know you are not alone.”

Prodigal tells the compelling story of a young man that decides to go away from the Church and the Lord in his early adult years. Follow Daniel on a journey into his own pit of despair. Many Christians today follow the same path of Daniel: we all know someone who has found themselves on the wrong path. Perhaps that person is ourselves.

Prodigal serves as a message of warning, but also a message of hope and forgiveness. Redemption is for everyone: there is always rest to be found in the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father.


Daniel Burkhart grew up in West Virginia and has worked in restaurant management for over fifteen years. Dan hopes his journey helps inspire and help others to come to Christ. He currently resides in Pennsylvania with his wife.