Promises Kept

by Mike Gould

Genres: Inspirational

ISBN: 9781935507857

144 pages

Price: $11.99

An ordinary man living an ordinarily dysfunctional life, stumbling through every day events, is confronted with a near-death event and a resulting miracle wish which is granted by God.  That wish came with a promise though and a chance to help others through his heavenly gift.  How this story comes about, evolves into success in love and in life, and all of the humorous adventures in between are something you’ll remember and treasure for years to come.

The best part . . . it’s all true!

The majority of Promises Kept takes place in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.  It quickly transports the reader through 36 years of a less-than-normal life then settles in for the next 12 years, which become increasingly fantastic through a chain of events, all due to keeping “the promise,” and God’s blessings for doing so.

The author is an avid outdoorsman, photographer and explorer, which brings a lot of “greenery” to Promises Kept and describes many of the little known natural wonders located in upstate S.C. It evolves into something so much more though when all of the elements culminate into a very unexpected climax.

Promises Kept is a funny, smart, thought-provoking book that answers many questions that begin with; What would you do if?  It is probably unlike anything you’ve ever read, but is definitely a book that you’ll read over and over again, and will want to share with friends and family.



Michael William Gould is a devout Christian and nature lover. When not writing, Michael can be found exploring and photographing the mountains and trails of the Carolina’s. He’s not that easy to find though – he likes the tough trails.