Rebuilding the Cajun Way

by Tina Hebert

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Illustrated Books

ISBN: 9781620208717

40 pages

Price: $17.99

Three little Cajun animals plan and host a party for their friends with all their favorite food and music. Their plan takes a devastating turn when a storm comes along, and they are forced to deal with the circumstances. Read along and discover the struggles they face, the attitudes they are challenged to adopt, and the victories they encounter by the positive choices that are made.


Staged in South Louisiana, Rebuilding the Cajun Way is an entertaining children’s book for elementary children ages 5 years to 10 years of age, and the story educates children about the Cajun landscape, hospitality, and delicious food while learning the lessons contained within.


Praise for Rebuilding the Cajun Way

As a descendant of the first Acadians to arrive in America in search of a new beginning, and a man privileged to serve my country, I treasure what my Cajun heritage and being an American has taught me . . . that our faith in God, our love of family, and our concern for our country and its citizens are what bring true freedom to our hearts. This book offers great hope, and a lesson for the families of this generation.
—Jeff Landry
Attorney General of Louisiana

Iberia Habitat for Humanity’s mission is “Seeking to put God’s love into action, bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.” Tina Hebert does a wonderful job illustrating God’s love into action through peace and unity to successfully rebuild a beloved community after a storm. This beautiful story accurately represents rebuilding the Cajun way.
—Leah Babin
Executive Director, Iberia Habitat for Humanity

What a wonderful and refreshing little book! It does a wonderful job of teaching children today not only the love, care and concern we should have for each other, but also the deep faith involved in such actions. I highly recommend this book to all our young children as well as to their parents. Perhaps children of all ages can learn a great deal from this beautiful and inspiring tale.
—Rev. Fr. Jude A. Halphen, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Marriage, Family, and Pro-Life Activities; Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana

As a Southern Louisiana native and true Cajun, I can relate to this wonderful children’s book. Beautifully illustrated, it portrays the Cajun spirit, not only during a natural disaster, but how we carry on through our daily lives. Our culture’s compassion, spirituality, and love for all is authentically portrayed in this refreshing book.
—Bonnie Breaux
Executive Chef, 2017 Louisiana Seafood Queen, Cafe’ Sydnie Mae

Rebuilding the Cajun Way is a heart-felt, wise, tender children’s book that captures the topic of natural disaster and its effects in a realistic way. In my profession, I have seen so many children lose their precious belongings to the devastation of flooding. This sweet book reminds us of the positive attitudes we need to have while dealing with adversities . . . love one another and always keep the faith!
—Rachel J. Hebert
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

This is a “must read” children’s book! It shows our Louisiana culture for all children near and far to enjoy!
—Geno Delafose
Professional Zydeco Musician

Tina describes the ever-present resiliency of the South Louisiana Cajun culture that all Cajun children understand!
—Corry Landry
Coastal Conservation Association, Louisiana Southwest Regional Director


Tina and her husband, Kevin are both descendants of the first Cajuns to arrive in a region called Acadiana, where they have raised their four children. She is passionate about her faith, her family, the arts, and her Cajun roots. Traveling and spending time with her husband, children and their spouses, and seven grandchildren bring her the greatest joy.