The Redemption of Jedidiah Pinkney

by J.R. Pitts

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620206102

160 pages

Price: $13.99

A miraculous birth during a violent storm leaves a newborn crippled but blessed. Very early on his parents had shortened his given name to Jed, but there was no contradiction in meaning. Both variations in early Hebrew meant Beloved of God. A childhood maligned by bullying and teasing ends in a supernatural encounter with Christ bringing about the Redemption of Jedidiah Pinkney. He learns the grace of forgiveness on a football field eventually gaining fame in his chosen sport. When true love arrives Jed faces the biggest challenge of his young life. When Jackie James faces certain death will his heart be healed once again by yet another miraculous Redemption of Jed Pinkney. His reputation and fame are subsequently attacked by Satan seeking to destroy his testimony and faith. Jed does not retreat from the sinister assault by a reporter who wishes to destroy his Christian testimony. The night finally arrives when he is put to the greatest test of his life in front of the whole nation. Can he salvage his reputation and honor in this final showdown? On the stage in his last odyssey will the nation behold the final immaculate Redemption of Jedidiah Pinkney?

Find out in The Redemption of Jedidiah Pinkney, Christian fiction from author J.R. Pitts.


J. R. Pitts grew up in Ruskin Florida, a small town on the southeast side of beautiful Tampa Bay. His family was commercial gill net fishermen operating out of historic Cockroach Bay. They were devout Christians who had a very positive influence on his life. One of his favorite memories of his grandparents is hearing them pray for every member of the family while kneeling beside their bed.