Saints and Non-Saints: Some Saintly and Not-So-Saintly Figures from Church History

by Christa Gingery Habegger

Genres: Biography, History

ISBN: 9781932307825

174 pages

Price: $14.99

Saints. Most of us know them only from church names and grotesque figures in classic paintings and stained-glass windows. But who were these people dubbed “saints”? What are the facts behind the legends, the real human beings with all the weaknesses common to mankind who somehow made their mark in history as holy men and women?

Saints and Non-Saints digs into the sense and nonsense in the lives and legends of fifteen famous saints, ranging from larger-than-life figures like Augustine to shadowy legends like Nicholas and Valentine. Some were saints in the biblical sense­—they knew Christ as their personal Savior—while others were merely religious by human standards. All, however, are fascinating personalities whose careers have profound lessons to teach us.


Christa Gingery Habegger holds the B.A. and M.A. degrees from Bob Jones University and teaches on the music faculty there. She has written numerous free-lance articles for Christian periodicals.