Seeds of Perspective: Planting Hope and Healing In The Baggage Of Life

by Beth Grisham

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational, Women's Interest

ISBN: 9781649601193

172 pages

Price: $16.99

Raw. Honest. Transparent. Hopeful.

All of these are words readers might use when describing the stories found in Seeds of Perspective: Planting Hope and Healing From the Baggage of Life. However, they are not terms we might expect to hear paired with stories of addiction, pornography, abortion, infertility, and death. As one of the contributing writers states, “Processing is not easy, but it’s important to feel the pain and work through it to heal. Shoving it down gets you nowhere.”

In Seeds of Perspective, Beth Grisham has compiled chapters contributed by anonymous women of all ages and walks of life who willingly poured out their most difficult life situations as a personal sacrifice to help others process and find hope and healing in their own worst mistakes. They believe that remembering and sharing their stories awakens in each of us a deeper understanding of God’s promise to redeem our lives for His glory and His purposes, and to bring beauty from the ashes of our past.

So come. Journey with us as we sow seeds of perspective that can help you find purpose in the baggage of your own past. If we can do it, we know you can, too.


Beth Grisham has written a must-read study for women! Beth has spent many years in the trenches, walking alongside of and loving women through some of their most difficult circumstances. Be empowered and encouraged by one of the best!
Steventhen Holland
Founder and President, Broken Not Dead Ministries

I have worked with Beth Grisham for over ten years as she has served as the executive director and I have served as the medical director at Shoals Sav a Life. I have had the privilege to come to know her and her heart for ministry. When one thinks of heart in a Scriptural sense, it includes the mind, the will, and the affections—what one thinks, does, and loves. This book will not only allow one to see Beth’s heart and the hearts of the other contributors, but it will change yours as well.
Larry C. Stutts, MD FACOG

It is evident in Beth’s writing that she loves Jesus and has a huge heart for women. Over the years, she has developed great insight as she ministers to women on a daily basis. This may be just the book that could minister to a friend who is hurting or perhaps you know a small group of women who might benefit from reading it in a study group together. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus and learn from the stories of these brave women who shared their journeys with their friend!
Peggy Hoekenga
Assistant Professor, University of North Alabama,
Retired curriculum writer for Andy Andrews

Working with Beth was a true blessing. Beth was an inspiration to me as I shared my story of God’s grace and love during a difficult time in our life. I’m forever thankful for Beth’s ministry to women who are faced with difficult choices like I was. Her love and devotion to helping women and sharing God’s word is a true testimony. I pray your heart will be touched as you read the words of these women and feel God speak to you and His love and grace overwhelmingly fill your heart.
Courtney Waldrop
Wife, mom of nine, TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets


Beth Grisham is a wife, mother, and non-profit ministry leader. She graduated from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. However, she believes her greatest education came through her role as mother to her six children, now thirteen to twenty-five years old. After working at home for seventeen years, Beth became the Executive Director of a non-profit crisis pregnancy center. She prayed to receive Christ at age eighteen, but it wasn’t until age twenty-six with the loss of her third child that Beth developed a personal relationship with Christ and fell in love with studying His Word. Her loss was the beginning of a whole new way of life and a totally different perspective regarding things of importance in this world. It has been said that your greatest ministry will come from your greatest pain, and that has certainly proven itself true in Beth’s life. She considers motherhood and the raising up of a next generation of Christ followers to be her greatest blessing and her greatest opportunity to make a Kingdom impact on the world.