Simmer Down, Mr. C

by Scott Bitely

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620201046

224 pages

Price: $13.99

Αs a naïve undergraduate, Ted Carter has big dreams. Though TV did nothing to prepare him for his role as an educator, it certainly inspired him. Fresh out of college, Ted is ready to impact eager-to-learn minds, just like he witnessed on some of his favorite shows, though preferably someplace other than the tiny community in which he grew up. As summer fades, and September inches closer, he reluctantly accepts the only job he’s offered: a sixth grade teaching position in his hometown of Coleman, a small, quiet village tucked away in the hills of northern Michigan. A wild ride of unexpected trials and awkward moments as a raw first-year teacher ensues.   Besides the rigors of being a first-year teacher, the challenge of living at home with his parents only adds to his feelings of isolation and loneliness. Consumed by doubt and frustration, he decides his only option is to quit. It’s not until he unexpectedly meets a former high school teacher, Mr. Fritz, that he begins to realize he’s not alone in his struggles of uncertainty and disillusionment, and that there is hope in overcoming these obstacles. Will a chance encounter with a favorite former teacher be enough to keep him in the classroom?


Scott Bitely, a teacher for more than fifteen years, lives with his wife and five children in rural Michigan where they enjoy the outdoors, raising chickens and doing what they can to keep life simple. Scott feels strongly that cutting, splitting, and stacking wood is an excellent way to spend the day. Playing guitar and banging on the drums keeps him out of trouble. . . except when it interferes with helping his wife put the kids to bed. He loves the pace of life in a small town and always looks forward to a good snowstorm.