Slowpoke Poppy Porcupine

by Beth Troyer

Genres: Children & Young Adult

ISBN: 9781935507246

20 pages

Price: $10.99

Slowpoke Poppy Porcupine is a captivating story about a little porcupine whose habit of lagging behind gets him into a heap of trouble. Full of imagination and fun, this story is fascinating for children of all ages. They will love the suspense and uncertainty as they learn where Poppy’s disobedience takes him. The lively illustrations by Tony Helmuth are full of vibrancy and expression and make this fiction story pop to life. Teach the value of obedience through this fun and adventurous reading journey.


Beth Troyer was raised Mennonite in the little town of Cottage Grove, TN. She is a free lance writer and is currently writing children’s books promoting values such as obedience and promptness. Troyer and her husband Matt own and operate a retail furniture store with furniture handmade by the Amish. Troyer resides in Landrum, SC with her husband and two sons, Vincent and Dawson.