Solomon’s Concubine

by S.A. Jewell

Genres: Biblical Fiction, Fiction, Historical

ISBN: 9781649601315

340 pages

Price: $17.99

Her extraordinary beauty sentences her to a life she does not want.

King Solomon is well-known as a wise man and the wealthiest king to have ever lived. But with great power often comes great corruption, and Solomon unfortunately allowed himself to be lured by the many temptations this world has to offer—including the hundreds of wives and concubines he brought into his court. But who were these women? What was life like for them in Solomon’s harem?

Nalussa is a simple Jewish girl, living with her family in a small town a day’s travel from Solomon’s kingdom. When a strange man meets her one day at the town well, Nalussa suddenly finds herself whisked away from all that she wants and desires to fulfill the lusts of a king she has never met. But one word of outcry can lead to her family’s harm and her own disgrace and removal from society.

While giving in to her new life at Solomon’s palace, Nalussa still holds onto hope that God will rescue her. When the king suddenly dies, the kingdom is in turmoil over who will be king next. Could this be her opportunity to escape? But where will she go, and will anyone want the king’s concubine?

S.A. Jewell looks at life in Solomon’s harem through the eyes of a concubine, taking the reader on a quest through Scripture to see a different side to the king who was given great wisdom and wealth from the one true God. Did Solomon die outside the will of God? And who is the mysterious woman he writes to in Song of Songs?

In Solomon’s Concubine, S.A. Jewell uses historical references and Scripture to dive into a deeper part of Solomon’s kingdom and to show how God is always faithful, even when we may doubt His plan.



S.A. Jewell is the author of Of Friends and Followers, a fiction set during Jesus’ ministry; Blink, a fictional “end-times” novel; as well as the author of two children’s fictional books, A Christmas Dinosaur and Visit from a Shepherd Boy. She holds a master’s degree in Bible studies from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. She is founder of, a non-denominational Christian ministry assisting ministries in Africa and in Florida.