Sown in Dark Soil

by Janice Cole Hopkins

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620205358

304 pages

Price: $15.99

The Appalachian Mountains are a beautiful place for life and love—but they can prove harsh and treacherous to the unexperienced. After the death of their father, Ivy and Leah Morgan are suddenly thrust into unpleasant, arranged marriages by their mother. Ivy, however, has other plans. Having fallen in love with Luke Moretz, Ivy is insistent upon running away to Luke’s farm in the Appalachian Mountains—far from her home and her mother’s disapproval.
Convincing her sister to come along, the Morgan girls leave town with Luke. Along the way, feelings between Ivy and Luke become strained as Ivy’s true personality and distaste for the mountains begin to show. Luke must face following his growing attraction to Leah or keeping his promise to Ivy. Meanwhile, Leah can’t help falling for all the things about Luke that her sister seems to dislike. Mixed emotions and the testing of relationships lead to dangerous and unfortunate circumstances that put any chance of future happiness at risk. Will this journey bring the sisters closer than ever, or drive them further apart than they could have ever imagined?

Sown in Dark Soil is book two in the Appalachian Roots series.


Janice Cole Hopkins grew up in rural Wilkes County, North Carolina, with an Appalachian heritage. She loved stories and learned to read when she was five. She graduated from Appalachian State University with degrees in history and reading, and she also taught school, wrote and published in magazines, and dreamed of someday publishing a historical novel. Janice has always attended church and has done short and long term mission work. All the profits from her books go to a scholarship fund for missionary children. Sown in Dark Soil is a stand alone novel and is the second book in her Appalachian Roots series.