Stand Still O Moon: Discovering the Key to Receiving Supernatural Authority, Rewards, and Latter Day Endurance

by Beth Troyer

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781935507970

160 pages

Price: $10.99

Have you wondered why Joshua had authority to command the sun and moon to stand still?

Have you wondered why biblical heroes prospered in God’s anointing, both spiritually and financially? Stand Still O Moon reveals motivated and practical strategies to help you advance forward to your victorious destiny. Learn the unlimited value of obedience through this inspiring, powerful message.  You too can be favored, anointed, and prosperous beyond your expectations.


Beth Troyer is a motivational author and coach, helping others advance forward to their anointed destiny. She empowers and inspires lives through printed media and one-on-one engagements. Troyer was raised Mennonite and experienced the death of her mother at age 14. Troyer and her husband own and operate a retail furniture store with furniture handmade by the Amish. Troyer resides in South Carolina with her husband Matt and two sons, Vincent and Dawson.