Surviving the Justice Experience: An Essential Christian Resource for Families of Offenders

by Kevin J. McCarthy

Genres: Biography, Christian Living, Ministry, Reference

ISBN: 9781620201312

384 pages

Price: $16.99

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Using his own life in prison and the events that led up to and followed it as inspiration, author Kevin J. McCarthy recounts an honest tale of his own journey and experiences in order to help families of the incarcerated maintain their relationship with God. Dr. McCarthy, who holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology provides a unique understanding of the trauma of incarceration and offers insights on managing the progressive emotional scarring process which awaits family members of offenders throughout the arrest, conviction, incarceration and community reintegration phases of the justice experience. The book offers a spiritual pathway to guide family members and friends in renewing their Faith and navigating their way through the darkness of overwhelming events. It also provides a foundation for healing family members and understanding Jesus command of ”peace be with you.”

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Dr. Kevin J McCarthy is a retired clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience working with wounded families. His personal life experiences have served as a basis for developing a spiritual outreach to offenders and their families. Those experiences include recovery from an extended history of alcohol and drug abuse which led to a period of incarceration. Dr. McCarthy approaches his work from the level of his personal experiences and his clinical training ensuring a unique approach to the possibilities of a personal transformation. He does not believe in “throwaway people”, but articulates his belief that God has a plan for every life. Dr. McCarthy provides workshops and training seminars for mental health professionals, and clergy forging a new look at using spirituality with effective therapy interventions. His current efforts have included authorship of five books on the dynamics of redeeming live. He serves as a business and government consultant and lectures widely about the twin concepts of Knowetics and Severicide.