Sword of the Wild Rose | The Wildrose Trilogy, Book 3

by Ruth Ellinger

Genres: Fiction, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781935507154

416 pages

Price: $13.99

When his young wife is brutally murdered in a senseless raid, Derick Davidson, son of a Scottish chieftain, seeks revenge. Suspected by the English authorities, he flees Scotland, arriving in Boston at the onset of the American Revolution. He meets the colorful frontiersman, Daniel Morgan who talks of war and freedom. But another war rages inside Derick’s heart, a deadly conflict that challenges the very core of his political and spiritual beliefs. He follows one burning desire—to be free.

Morgan takes Derick to Virginia where he meets the winsome and beautiful Kearan Mackenzies. He teaches her to sword fight and Kearan learns the secrets of his troubled past. He learns of another freedom—a liberty greater than any king or country has to offer.

At the Battle of Point Pleasant, Wyandot Indians capture Derick and his uncle, a Longhunter, and former soldier of the Black Watch. Escape seems impossible and death inevitable. During this terrible impasse, the Longhunter points Derick to another weapon—a two-edged sword that slashes to the very thoughts of his heart.

Filled with danger, intrigue, and suspense, Sword of the Wild Rose explores the meaning of freedom, friendship, and prevailing love. We follow one man’s spiritual journey from the depths of heartbreak and revenge to the liberating experience of divine forgiveness and the joy of unforeseen love.

Sword of the Wild Rose is book three in The Wildrose Trilogy.

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Award-winning author, RUTH CARMICHAEL ELLINGER, was born and raised in the beautiful Ohio Valley, setting for the Wildrose inspirational series. Ellinger is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Fairfield County OH, Clan Davidson, and Clan Carmichael, USA. The author lives in FL with her husband, a pastor. They have four grown children.

Ruth can be reached via her website: