Thank God for the Cotton: Memoir of a Mill Worker’s Daughter

by Sybil Smith

Genres: Biography

ISBN: 9781620205112

208 pages

Price: $15.99

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Thank God for the Cotton describes a twenty-three-year healing journey. The memoir is about the culmination of the promises of God over the lifetime of someone wanting to do right, thinking she was doing right, but missing the mark. Generational baggage creates unexplainable events for a young child and takes years to unpack. In Thank God for the Cotton, Dr. Smith describes her path to radical dependence on our Triune God as she lived the loss of visions and dreams.

Cotton is seen as both a blessing and a grace providing day-to-day decision opportunities for God’s goodness to be bestowed. Disturbing events are transformed into good as God provides the tools. Meaning and purpose is discovered as the tools are shared with others. Thank God for the Cotton is an example of God’s grace as provided one day at a time. The seeds of faith, hope, and trust lived out in simple lives, in simple ways can grow into an unlimited harvest of healing. Before the harvest comes the discovery of what had been swept under the rug, and is not without pain and tears.


Dr. Smith, a registered nurse and educator, grew up on a textile mill village in South Carolina. Experienced as a scholastic and opinion writer she now sheds the academic regalia and relates her memoir as a mill worker’s daughter. She believes in the practical application of knowledge as she advocates for the needs of the older population, the forgotten, and left out. She teaches Sunday School, visits the homebound, and is a hospice volunteer.