The Battle of Crawdad Hole

by Ruthie L. Biette

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fiction

ISBN: 9781649600097

110 pages

Price: $10.99

“Ruthie’s characters, scenes, and dialogue fall off her pen with a seemingly effortless grace.”
Dandelion Press

In a rural 1940s town, ten-year-old Rusty and his friends, Squirrel and Ivy, find that some new kids have taken over their swimming hole and won’t leave.
Instead of settling for a ruined summer, the friends form a battle plan to try to win Crawdad Hole back. When their efforts fail—repeatedly—they must decide whether to acknowledge their selfishness and share the swimming hole they consider theirs.
Their decision to give peace offerings and ask for the other kids’ forgiveness forges new friendships.


Ruthie Biette has been a storyteller since she could talk. At six years old she knew she wanted to be an author. She wrote The Battle of Crawdad Hole during a summer in Alaska when she was eleven. The following year she and her family moved from central Virginia to Alaska where swimming holes are colder and there are no crayfish, but plenty of moose! When she’s not writing Ruthie enjoys fishing, cooking, and reading The Lord of the Rings.