The Bloodstone Ring

by Barbara Taylor Sanders

Genres: Fiction, Suspense

ISBN: 9781620201954

264 pages

Price: $15.99

In the 1840s, love between a white English noblewoman and a Jamaican is taboo. Yet Lady Carmen finds herself with child by Jake Foster. Their mocha-skinned love child, Lilly, is banished to Savannah, longing to know her birth story. Soon Lilly falls prey to Baroness Genevieve, wearer of the mysterious Bloodstone Ring.

The one person she counts on, Lady Katelyn, is powerless to save her. In a tale of betrayal, kidnapping, and harrowing illegal slave trade, nine-year-old Lilly runs for her life with life-changing adventures along the way. Can God equip Katelyn and her lawyer-beau, Andrew, to withstand the dark powers of the Bloodstone Ring and the brutal intent of the evil slave trading Dutchman? Or will Lilly’s saviors arrive too late?


Author Barbara Taylor Sanders, B.A., is also an advocate and an award-winning artist. As a member of the National League of American Pen Women, she is actively involved with professional writers, artists and musicians in SW Florida. For decades, she’s been a tireless advocate for the poor and disadvantaged, especially single mothers struggling to better their lives. Her lifelong passion is to share the love of Christ Jesus through book publications and creative evangelical outreach to the lost and forsaken of the world.