The Book of Job: God’s Faithfulness in Troubled Times

by Dr. Jim Halla

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781620207314

240 pages

Price: $17.99

Job, the book and the man, is well-known even in the public arena. However, the main character of the book is the Triune God. Moreover, some have suggested that the book of Job focuses on the larger problem of evil in a good God’s world. By definition that would include the concept of victimhood. However, Dr. Jim Halla thinks that approach misses major issues in the book.
The Book of Job: God’s Faithfulness in Troubled Times presents Dr. Halla’s understanding of the book under four major headings: God’s sovereignty, suffering, suspicion, and success.
Job began well but faltered. He considered himself alone, deafening silence from God, and his relationship with God in shambles. God took him to the zoo and the sea and Job learned well: he repented and God placed him in the position of intercessor for his friends. He functioned as a type of Christ but he was not Christ. He came to embrace those two truths.
The book of Job is for all believers in all seasons no matter their spiritual maturity. As you read The Book of Job: God’s Faithfulness in Troubled Times, see if you catch a glimpse of Job’s radical reversal.


A native of Houston, TX, now residing in Spartanburg, SC, Dr. Jim Halla is retired from practicing rheumatology and serves as a ruling elder at Redeemer ARP in Moore, SC. He has authored a number of scientific articles addressing various clinical issues encountered in the daily practice of rheumatology. Previous books and articles include: Pain: The Plight of Fallen Man, True Competence in Medicine: Practicing Biblically-Based Medicine in a Fallen World, A Biblical Approach to Receiving Medical Care, God’s Wisdom and Comfort for Troubled Times, “What to Do When Your Body Fails You,” “Rheumatism,” and “When Your Body Betrays You.”