The Gates to Recovery


Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620208137

416 pages

Price: $19.99

Whether you are just starting your journey to recovery from addiction or have relapsed and feel hopeless, you will definitely find help in Cathy Sweat’s The Gates to Recovery. As someone who works one-on-one with addicts, Cathy knows the traps, setbacks, and excuses that are often used when drowning in addiction. But with Scriptural guidance through the Gates of Jerusalem in Nehemiah, Cathy can show you the way to freedom and help set your feet on the path God has planned for you. Learn from the Israelites and see God’s merciful hand as you experience your soul’s final recovery.


Cathy Sweat has dedicated her life to recovery work for women in serious, negative life conditions.
A pioneer at heart, Sweat has forged her way through many seemingly closed doors to find a gold mine of women who were thrown away and left outside the margins of society as nothing more than castaways.
Sweat is married to Terry Sweat. They have shared a life for more than twenty-five years. Together, they have five children and twelve grandchildren.
Cathy has written several books concerning addiction and recovery including The Twelve Gates of Recovery, Working Through Life’s Toughest Issues with God, Praying Through Change, A Whisper of Change, and Help! I am Drowning.