The Last Letter

by Bethan Marshall

Genres: Fiction, Historical, Romance

ISBN: 9781649604132

Price: $17.99

Niamh is a devout Catholic living with her parents in Ireland in 1908. She has always been obedient to her parents and has never doubted their faith. But when she joins a suffragist movement, Niamh suddenly finds herself being introduced to women from different beliefs who all believe that women deserve to be treated as well as men. As Niamh begins to imagine a world where women and men are equal, she meets Fred, the brother of one of her sister suffragists.
Fred is a devout Protestant, the son of a man who has only ever regarded his sons with affection and ignored his daughters. Upset by the unfairness of how his sisters have been treated all their lives, Fred is an adamant supporter of the suffragist meetings that are held at his sister’s home.
Although they are from completely different worlds, Fred and Niamh immediately fall in love and ask for permission from their families to be married. But when neither family is willing to support their unity, Fred sets out on an adventure to create a new life for them in America, hoping to save enough money for Niamh to come and join him.
As Niamh waits for that day to arrive, she is able to hold on to hope as the lovers write letters to one another and send them through Fred’s sister. But as much as she cherishes the letters from her beloved, Niamh can hardly wait for that last letter that will bid her to come and start her down an unknown path of adventure.
Based on a true story, The Last Letter is a tale of overcoming prejudice and finding love against all odds.


“Compelling, evocative, shocking and true, The Last Letter is a wonderful debut from Bethan Marshall. She is a natural writer who brings her historical tale of men and women, politics and prejudice to vivid life.”
Michael Bracewell


Bethan Marshall is a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and is published extensively both journalistically and academically. She has been a columnist for The Independent and The Times Education Supplement, as well as having books published by Bloomsbury, Routledge, and the OUP. She has edited three books, including two prize-nominees, and has published over sixty peer-refereed articles and twenty book chapters. The Last Letter is her first attempt at fiction.