The Leader’s Wife: Living with Eternal Intentionality™

by Debby Thompson

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620206164

176 pages

Price: $14.99

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As a woman leading a life of influence, you may find yourself without sufficient clarity or equipping for the challenges you face. For many, the role of wife of a leader is one thrust upon, rather than chosen. For others, it is a responsibility embraced but no less complicated to navigate. In either case, as one sharing a journey with a world-changer, this book is for you.
Debby Thompson has spent decades of listening to the voices of tried and tested women, and her experiences have instilled a sense of urgency in her to pass on the insights she has gleaned. Within The Leader’s Wife, she addresses some of the most difficult questions facing wives of leaders. With vulnerability and candor, Debby speaks from her own mistakes and discoveries.
The Leader’s Wife offers not a job description but a GPS. It is a blueprint without how-to’s and ought-to’s for igniting within you what the Creator has already designed. The Biblical teaching, personal stories, and hard-won lessons Debby communicates will guide and empower you to live with eternal intentionality.

The Leader’s Wife encourages women to pursue

  1. intimacy with Jesus,
  2. authenticity with others,
  3. a passion for their calling, and
  4. a purpose for their influence.


Debby Thompson and her husband Larry have served in global missions with Campus Crusade for Christ International since 1974, and are counted among the pioneers of Western missionaries who lived covertly behind the Iron Curtain in communist Poland. In total, the Thompsons spent 33 years in Eastern Europe, witnesses to a period of dramatic social, political and spiritual change. Now living in Cincinnati, Debby is a speaker, writer, and mentor for women around the world.