The Missing Baptism

The Missing Baptism

by Richard E. Snowdon

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living

ISBN: 9781620202296

182 pages

Price: $9.99

Are you spiritually thirsty?  Perhaps you have been a Christian for a long time.  You attend a respectable assembly or fellowship, you study the Bible and you regularly hear good ministry.  You have escaped nearly two decades of increasingly deceptive spiritual movements, from the so-called Toronto ‘blessing’ to the ‘Purpose Driven’ and ‘Emergent’ Church, to name but a few. Yet still you sense that there must be more to Christianity.  More than ‘ticking boxes’ for orthodox doctrine, more than preaching the Gospel to ourselves when, once again, the Lord has not seen fit to send in any of the unsaved to hear our noble efforts.  Have you ever read the book of Acts and been thrilled by the sheer spiritual dynamism of those early believers?  Have you wondered why there seems to be such a wide difference between their achievements and ours?  Have we forgotten that we serve the same God, who “changes not”?   Perhaps you have heard others talk about the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and wondered what it is all about.  Sadly, for many whose hearts have been stirred, the stagnant waters of traditionalized teaching have quickly extinguished their yearnings. One of the 20th century’s most gifted Bible teachers once said, “We don’t need Pentecostal doctrine and we don’t need Brethren doctrine, what we need is Bible doctrine!”  How true. “The Missing Baptism” is an attempt to help believers examine the Scriptures afresh on this vital matter.  It invites you to lay aside the distorting spectacles of denominational prejudice, unbelief, fear, and pride and take the Scriptures at face value.


God's wonderful grace and mercy brought Richard Snowdon into His salvation whilst serving as a pilot in the Royal Air Force at the beginning of the First Gulf War in 1990. Shortly afterwards he was baptised with the Holy Spirit, which enabled him to be a bold witness for the Lord Jesus Christ amongst fellow aircrew and others. He had the joy of seeing two fellow pilots come to faith in Christ. Richard retired from the RAF in 2013 and now feels called to writing and itinerant preaching. He is greatly supported and encouraged in this by his loving wife and helpmeet, Christine.