The Same Rainbow’s End

by Mary Cates

Genres: Contemporary, Fiction

ISBN: 9781649603517

Price: $16.99

Charles Ricci is on top of the world. From the outside, he has everything he could want. And now, his professional career as a famous piano player is taking him to performance halls around the world. But when he is asked to perform alongside up-and-coming singer Abigail Clark, Charles begins to wonder if he has finally found the one thing missing from his life.

Abigail Clark has one focus—to become a professional singer. With her parents pushing her to keep her eyes set on her dream, Abigail is determined to not allow anyone to get too close. But when she is introduced to Charles Ricci, Abigail begins to wonder if it’s possible to have more than one dream.

But can these two make a relationship work? They both travel the world performing in various concert halls, and they come from completely different backgrounds. While Charles has only ever known wealth and privilege, Abigail has only known a simpler life.

But no matter what your background, tragedy can strike from out of nowhere. The question is whether you will trust in God or lose all hope. As Charles and Abigail face their own trials, will they find that God is still faithful, or will they turn their backs on Him?


Mary Cates has enjoyed several careers throughout her busy lifetime – school nurse, freelance writing, and published author. After enjoying a short career as a feature writer for a large city newspaper located in southeastern Michigan, Mary continues to enjoy keeping up with world news and sharing her spirit and her talents. She and her husband make their home in Monroe, Michigan, set on an eighteen-hole golf course surrounded with beautiful homes and villas.