The Sobering Truth: One Man’s Journey From Failure to Faith

by Steven V. Sellers

Genres: Biography, Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781935507611

400 pages

Price: $15.99

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Steven Sellers . . . the Addict . . . was at the bottom of his bottle . . . literally.

His addiction to alcohol had escalated to an average of two-fifths of vodka a day.  The Sobering Truth: One Man’s Journey From Failure to Faith follows Steven to his breakdown, physically and spiritually.

The Sobering Truth addresses life in treatment both in and out of the hospital and the ever present threat of relapse.  This story describes how the Addict can move beyond sobriety and learns how to embrace life in recovery; how to fill the hollow void that the ravenous Beast left in its place.

Written for those who may be battling the Beast in their own lives, or for the family members desperate to understand their loved one, The Sobering Truth reveals insight about the inner workings of the Addict and most importantly, hope for a God-directed recovery.

Endorsement for The Sobering Truth:

“What a powerful story! I especially appreciate the author’s honesty in describing the fear addiction forced him to live with. It’s so hard to explain how incapacitating that fear becomes to someone who has never experienced it, but Steven Sellers really nailed it! His story shows that there is hope, there is a way out, that no matter how far we have fallen, we can still be lifted up.

The Sobering Truth should be required reading for patients in treatment centers everywhere as well as their families. I wish I could have read this earlier in my recovery. I hope my wife will read it too; I think it would really give her a clear picture of what it’s like to be smothered in the grip of addiction.

It has become increasingly clearer to me that sobriety is not recovery, and without God, there will be no true recovery. I felt as if I was right there in the story with him; I was experiencing the fear, the confusion, and the guilt. I could also feel the salvation, a feeling I hope everyone who reads this book can experience!”


Recovering Alcoholic


Steven V. Sellers is embracing recovery as a sought after speaker, writer, mentor and recovery group facilitator. Steven and his wife, Trisha, live in Marion, Iowa, and operate Ship Recovery, whose mission is to help others navigate the difficult waters of addiction.  They have six children and three granddaughters. He has also written a novel, The Unopened Box.

You can visit Steven at his website: