The Soldier’s Cross

by Abigail J. Hartman

Genres: Fiction, History

ISBN: 9781935507383

296 pages

Price: $13.99

1415 A.D.

Fiona’s world is a carefully built castle in the air, made up of the fancies, wishes, and memories of her childhood.  It begins to crumble as she watches her brother march away to join in the English invasion of France.  It falls to pieces when he is brought home dead.

Robbed of the one dearest to her and alone in the world, Fiona turns to her brother’s silver cross in search of the peace he said it would bring.  But when she finds it missing, she swears she will have it and sets out on a journey across the Channel and war-ravaged France to regain it and find the peace it carries.

The Soldier’s Cross is debut fiction by author Abigail J. Hartman.


Abigail J. Hartman writes historical fiction and fantasy from her home in South Carolina. Being taught at home for all her schooling years, she has had ample opportunity to branch out into the subjects she enjoys most: history and literature. The Soldier’s Cross is her first novel.