The Thrall’s Sword

by Grace Caylor

Genres: Fiction, Historical

ISBN: 9781649600875

304 pages

Price: $17.99

“An odyssey of one young woman’s loss, revenge, and restoration . . . ”
Heather Day Gilbert
award-winning author of The Vikings of the New World Saga

On the night Sigrid, a seventeen-year-old Norse slave, is to accompany her dead master on a fiery longship to Valhalla, the cruel Jarl Ragnar murders her mother.

When two fishermen rescue her from her fate in the seas, grief-stricken Sigrid joins them on their mission to warn the Irish of the oncoming Viking raiders. As she continues her journey, her hatred for Jarl Ragnar grows and she secretly vows to destroy him.

However, as her new friend Erik teaches her about his God, a surprising power begins to work inside her heart. Yet when Sigrid has the chance to seize vengeance, will sweet revenge or a foreign god free her from despair?

Sigrid is such a relatable character! You’ll cry with her, question with her, grow with her, and celebrate with her throughout this vivid and moving historical novel.
Brittany Meng
author of Unexpected, and blogger at and

A powerful story of forgiveness, redemption, and healing. I love the Irish words, references to Norse gods, the character’s accents, but most of all, I am in awe of the weighty message this story shares. Iosa, or Jesus, can save anyone, and beauty can come out of brokenness.
Olivia Giordano
blogger at


Grace Caylor is a college student at the University of Arizona double-majoring in English and Creative Writing with a minor in the Persian language. The Thrall's Sword is her first published book. She is a Jesus-follower, word-lover, and song-bird, and to combine these interests she likes writing songs to sing for her Lord and Savior. More than anything, she loves God, and she craves time spent with Him in nature with her Bible, pen, and her beloved journal. Her author blog for The Thrall’s Sword is As she adores Jesus more and more each day, she blogs her insights about God’s grace at: