The Titanic’s Last Hero: A Startling True Story That Can Change Your Life Forever

by Moody Adams

Genres: Biography, Christian Living, History, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620200056

120 pages

Price: $12.99

The Titanic’s Last Hero contains an inspiring love story that will change your life.

One hundred years ago, an “unsinkable” luxury liner sank on its maiden voyage. More than 1,500 men, women, and children tragically lost their lives after the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912. Shockingly, many who perished had refused to board the lifeboats at first, believing the ship as truly indestructible and would not sink!

From that dark disaster shines an inspirational love story—the true story of one man’s great love for his Savior and for humankind. This is the story of John Harper, the Titanic’s last hero, who set his only child in a lifeboat before setting his sights on the salvation of the lost souls around him.

Re-live John Harper’s last hours as the ship took on water and passengers swarmed the decks. “Let the women, children, and the unsaved into the lifeboats!” was Harper’s cry. Discover, through the testimonies of those who knew him, what inspired this man to go down with the ship and flounder in icy waters under a starry sky as he searched for doomed souls who needed his message of love and salvation.

The Titanic’s Last Hero presents a hero whose courageous story you will never forget.


Moody Adams is an evangelist with the Southern Baptist Convention and is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He became a Christian in 1952 at 20 years of age and has been married to Betty McKay Adams for 52 years. He was ordained in 1953 at New Haven Baptist Church, Tickfaw, Louisiana and went into full-time evangelism in 1958.

He was called America's "Front line Evangelist" by the Miami Herald because of such experiences as preaching in Moscow's Red Square, being "detained" by Castro in Cuba, receiving threats in Ireland's religious war, causing a "near riot" preaching to skeptics in London's Hyde Park, debating atheist on Canadian and American TV and confronting witches in Missouri and California. He has traveled and preached in over 40 countries.

Over 350,000 have made decisions for Christ in his meetings. Included in that figure are Kenneth Bray, the one-time Czar of commercial sex, drug pushers, prostitutes, murderers, saloon owners and atheists.

He has authored over 50 books and conducted hundreds of seminars and events.

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