The Twelve Gifts of Life: Finding Extraordinary Meaning in Ordinary Moments

by Cindy Champnella

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational, Mission

ISBN: 9781620200483

288 pages

Price: $14.99

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The truth is that most of us never get a chance to make our mark of greatness on the world—which doesn’t negate our basic human desire to find meaning in our story. We all want our lives to matter and for the world to be marked in some small way by our journey. And then there are the questions: how do we hold onto hope when all indicators point to floundering financial futures? How do we feel joy in a society of failing families and facebook-limited friendships? How do we find purpose when just paying the bills has to be our priority? How do we believe when God is silent? How do we know that our lives matter? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, The Twelve Gifts of Life will change your perspective.

A collection of powerful, poignant narratives with a punch of humor, these true-life vignettes will help you discover meaning in the midst of the mundane. Buried within even the most challenging circumstances are the gifts of life for those discerning enough to discover and embrace them. Life is not meant to be survival of the fittest. Life is not meant to defeat us. Life is not meant to beat us down. The gifts of life restore us. They give us hope. They give our life meaning. They are meant to be savored. The gifts belong to all of us. Discover them through this inspirational, soon-to-be bestseller.


Cindy Champnella is a PhD prepared psychologist, author and acclaimed speaker who has presented to numerous civic, community and religious groups all over the United States. Cindy has published: The Waiting Child: How the Faith and Hope of One Orphan Saved the Life of Another (St. Martin’s Press, 2003), was a contributing writer to Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections (EMK Press, 2007); and Pieces of Me: Who Do I Want to Be (EMK Press, 2009). Cindy’s first book was excerpted in Ladies Home Journal and Women’s Weekly. She is a former guest columnist for The Detroit News and a regular feature writer for Adoption Today magazine. In addition to her “day job” as a college administrator, she is an adjunct psychology faculty member, a passionate advocate for at-risk children and has assisted hundreds of families in their international adoption efforts. Cindy has graduate degrees both in psychology and in business. She is married and has five children, including two daughters adopted from China. She lives in Farmington Hills, MI.