The Village | The Ceristen Series, Book Two

by Verity A. Buchanan

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fantasy

ISBN: 9781649600233

232 pages

Price: $15.99


The Village picks up where The Journey left off in a tale of community and compassion.

With Marjorie’s wedding, the Thornes are happily settled in the welcoming village of Ceristen. Fred has steady employment, and even Gwenda is making friends. Other new arrivals, however, are finding it harder to adjust . . .
Mordred Kenhelm has spent his eighteen years surviving. Having shepherded his sister and brother to the distant promise of Orden, what happens when reality sets in? Can their family bond weather old traumas, social condescension, and a tragic accident?

The Village uses the setting of a small-town drama against the backdrop of a fantasy world to explore the deepest, ugliest, and most beautiful facets of human nature.

What does it mean to love your neighbor? Look for the answer in The Village.



Verity A. Buchanan lives in the rugged hills of Northern Michigan, where the bitter winters provide vivid inspiration for her writing and plenty of excuses to make hot chocolate. A long-time lover of fantasy, she writes stories of the real and the broken, shot with the light of the Word. Fantasy shouldn’t have to always be about kings and crowns and evil overlords—the nameless refugees and the blacksmith with the quirky accent matter, too. In all her writing, Verity aims to show the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary: to make the familiar new.